Wednesday’s Child has eleven Trustees who are responsible for the distribution of the Trust’s funds. The selection of projects is managed by the Trustees, who personally visit, scrutinise and select local projects for support by Wednesday’s Child.

The Trustees are:

  • Gillian Perrin (chairman)
  • Elizabeth Barber
  • Emily Brettle
  • Carol Cater
  • Zoe Philpott
  • Elizabeth Shields
  • Caroline Strachan

The Trustees ensure that the projects Wednesday’s Child supports are within our Charitable Objects; projects must be registered as charities and they must be:

  • viable – both strategically and financially
  • local – to the London area north of the Thames
  • varied – to spread the benefits as widely as possible
  • addressing topical concerns – to address problems of the day
  • small-scale – so that Wednesday’s Child can make a difference