Helping local organisations help local children

Wednesday’s Child is a charitable trust supporting small local projects which help children and young people in need in the London area north of the Thames.

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Unhappy children are so often innocent victims. They’re failed by their families or society, or they’re struck down by illness or accident. Once children get into trouble, they can so easily fall into a downward spiral of real woe.

Unless they can be helped in time …

There are many small organisations running projects in local communities which could help if only they had enough funding … Wednesday’s Child is a local charitable trust which specializes in finding and helping small projects for whom even a little funding can make a lot of difference.

Would you like to…

help unhappy children in need of help?

we have helped hundreds of unhappy children through local projects

meet changing needs by giving to a variety of different projects?

we have given to over 60 different projects and find new ones every year

find well-run local projects needing financial support?

our trustees personally visit, scrutinise and select the projects we support